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32. Las Flores farm / testimonies for the creation of museum to commemorate the killings in Rabinal

33. Conclusion of exhumation at Vegas de Santo Domingo / Exhumation at INEBE school yard and INEBE well

34. Lawyer defends civil patrollers accused in Rio Negro massacre, part 2 of 2

35. Sr. Lucas Tecú y Mujeres Lideres de Familiares Desaparecidos.

37. Presidential campaign of Arzú / Burial of bones of dead from the 1982 massacre in Plan de Sánchez / Marriage ceremony in Rabinal

38. Plan de Sánchez massacre commemoration / Interview with Ex-PAC leader Juan Reyes / Nueva Esperanza workshop / INEBE Exhumation Part 1

39. Testimonies from former civil patrollers in the Rio Negro case, part 1 of 3

40. Rites for people killed in Rio Negro massacre (All Saints Day) / Ceremony with young girls (elección de la madrona)